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Kit Powell


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Born 1937 in Wellington Kit Powell met Brigitte, his Swiss wife, while studying in Europe in 1966/67. Since 1984 the Powell family live in Switzerland. He has an MSc (in maths) from Victoria University of Wellington and a B Mus (Hons) from Canterbury University. He taught maths and music at Linwood High School, Christchurch from 1962 until 1975 when he joined the staff of the Christchurch Teachers College. He was also active teaching courses on New Music and Creative Music with children. Since living in Switzerland he has taught Music Theory at the Hochschule fur Musik und Theater in Zurich and English privately. Important influences in his development as a composer in NZ are the contact with Douglas Lilburn as a student, the visits to the Cambridge Music School in the early 60s (tutors Ron Tremain and Larry Pruden) and in Europe: Accademia Chigiana, Siena (Goffredo Petrassi) and courses on computer music (Gerald Bennett in Zurich and UPIC in Paris). In 2003 he retired from teaching but is still very active as a composer. His works include compositions in all fields of music: choral (sung and spoken), orchestral, chamber music, brass band, percussion, music theatre, electroacoustic … His special interests in composition include the use of chance techniques and also music with found objects. He has also created a series of nearly 20 works in collaboration with the poet, Michael Harlow. Many works have been written for his two children, Philip (trombonist) and Fiona (soprano).

Since retirement Kit Powell has worked on several large scale works: Missa Profana (a setting of the liturgical mass plus poems by Michael Harlow) for large choir, soloists and orchestra, Maui Cycle (four symphonic poems for orchestra and solo clarinet), a dual language book about his work as a composer: Quite by Chance / Wie durch Zufall (Pfau-Verlag), Symphonie réflectique, for two soloists and orchestra. For his 80th birthday Kit Powell has completed a further symphony: Schubert 1828, based on themes from works from Schubert’s last year of life and using the same orchestra as in the Schubert E flat Major Mass plus electro-acoustic sounds.

Composed (95)

4 Carols on 4 Notes

a song cycle of four carols for SATB choir

6 Fragments for 4 Trombones

for trombone quartet

A Shout - for the Life and Work of William Cumming

for women's chorus, soprano soloist and piano, 10m

Alles unter einem Hut

for soprano and piano


for soprano and piano, 15m

Chance Piece for Flute and Tape

for flute (preferably alto or bass) and tape (ie CD), 7m 10s

Chance Piece for Oboe and Tape

for oboe and tape, 7m 10s

Chance Piece for Saxophone and Tape

for saxophone (preferably Baritone or Bass) and tape (ie CD), 7m 10s

Chinese Songs

for high soprano and tape, 16m


Christmas cantata for baritone, children's chorus, wind orchestra and percussion, 45m

Clarinet Quintet

for clarinet and string quartet, 20m


electroacoustic, 7m


for organ

Dapple Metal

electroacoustic work, 9m

Das Ausland

for soprano and trombone

Das Ausland

for soprano, bass clarinet and percussion

Devotion to the Small

a song cycle for soprano and five percussionists, 12m

Dies Irae

For children's (or women's) voices and piano, 10m

Due movimenti per quattro strumenti

for piano, piccolo, clarinet and cello

Encounter with Don Giovanni

for orchestra, 7m

Father's Telescope

a playful music theatre piece for singer, speaker and tape about power and submission, 15m

Five Schwitters Songs for Andres

for soprano, alto and piano

Floetenspieler und Fledermaeuse

for solo flute and tape, 6m

Four Rothko Pictures

for piano duet

Francesca e Paolo (SATB)

for SATB choir, with STB soloists from the choir, 10m


solo speaker, spoken and sung chorus and instruments, 15m

Hubert the Clockmaker

for brass band and narrator, 10m

Hubert the Clockmaker

arranged for orchestra and narrator


for piano solo


for flute ensemble (8 players with 16 flutes from piccolo to contrabass flute), 10m


for flute and piano (with ratchet played by pianist)


for flute (or clarinet) and tape, 14m

Kuza Nama

a song cycle for baritone and piano, 11m

Les Episodes

for soprano, baritone and orchestra, 25m

Let all words be music

for SATB choir, trombone and piano


for brass quartet, 6m

Microzoic Piano Suite

for baritone and ensemble, 25m

Missa Profana

for choir, orchestra and soloists, 1h 10m

Nelson Songs

for male singer and tape, 12m

Nothing but Switzerland and Lemonade

for singer, flute, violin, cello

Nothing but Switzerland and Lemonade

for soprano and wind trio, 12m

Ophelia Songs

for soprano (or mezzo soprano) and piano, 11m

Othello Overture

for orchestra

Paper Pieces

7 short pieces on newspaper texts for SATB choir, 10m

Piano Poems

for solo piano, 20m

Piece of 4

a piece of four players, 45m

Piece of Four

A music theatre piece for four players, 45m

Pied Beauty

for SATB choir and instrumental ensemble, 3m

Poem Then, For Love

A song cycle for two singers and percussionist involving graphic notation and theatrical elements., 20m

Psalm 8

for SATB choir, 5m

Reading Gaol

song cycle for baritone and orchestra, 11m

Rothko Variations

for orchestra, 16m


for brass ensemble and percussion


for SATB choir and orchestra, 3m

Schubert 1828

for orchestra and pre-recorded audio

Seven Aesop Fables

experimental sounds for beginners of guitar, 15m


for clarinet, bass clarinet and string quartet


for flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello, piano and percussion

Six Mother Courage Songs

for soprano and piano, 10m

Six Mother Courage Songs

for soprano and harp

Snakes and Ladders

for cello and piano, 6m


for trombone and piano, 8m

Stone Poem

for two wind quintets and two speakers with stones, 10m

Stone Poem

for clarinet and tape, 8m

Te Ika a Maui

a concerto for clarinet and orchestra, 10m

Texts For Composition

music theatre for about 5 players, 50m

The Ever-Circling Light: Te Ao Hurihuri

four choruses for SATB choir and 6 percussionists, 30m

The Fisherman and his Wife

a comic opera, 1h 15m

The Green Man

music theatre piece for solo percussionist, 8m

The Pink Panther's Picnic

an entertainment for brass band and SATB chorus

Three Pieces for Violin and Piano

for violin and piano

Tide Pools

for SATB choir, piano, small percussion (claves, maraca, small gong, tambourine), 8m

Today is the Piano's Birthday

arranged for trombone and piano

Today is the Piano's Birthday

for female voice and piano

Verschiedene Tiere (Various Animals)

for soprano, piano and trombone

Verschiedene Tiere (Various Animals)

for soprano, horn and piano

Violin Concerto

for violin and orchestra, 19m

Vlaminck's Tie

song cycle for singer with piano accompaniment, 20m

Was Liebe ist

for soprano and piano

Wedding Fanfare

for horn and organ


for trombone (tenor or bass) and tape, 10m


for SATB choir and tape, 10m

Whale Fantasy

for piano solo

Whale Song

for piano, 1m 30s