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NZ Composer Sessions

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in partnership with NZSO, RNZ Concert and SOUNZ

The NZ Composer Sessions is a collaboration between the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, RNZ Concert and SOUNZ Centre for New Zealand Music. The aim is to create up to 60 minutes of high quality new NZ orchestral recordings. The project will also deliver a concert for invited guests to promote the works to a range of orchestras and broadcasters.

The adjudication panel, administered by SOUNZ, consists of representatives from NZSO, RNZ Concert and CANZ, who each bring the perspective of their organisations. The panel are asked to recommend a selection of works that reflects the diversity of musical styles/voices in NZ composition, with a collective duration of up to 60 minutes.
- Creative elements: artistic integrity, originality, stylistic consistency, strength of musical ideas
- Technical elements: accuracy of notation, professional score presentation, detailed performance directions, consideration of technical limitations of instruments

Following the concert and the final editing process, the recordings will be available as audio on SOUNZ’s and RNZ Concert’s websites.

NZSO-SOUNZ Readings and NZSO-RNZ Concert-SOUNZ Recordings

Sessions between 1998 and 2011 were known as the NZSO-SOUNZ Readings. You can read more about the Readings and the works that were recorded here.

Sessions between 2011 and 2016 were known as the NZSO-RNZ Concert-SOUNZ Recordings. You can read more about the Recordings and the works that were recorded here.



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