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September 3, 2017 5:00PM • Music Theatre

Karlheinz Company: Mouthpiece


The Karlheinz Company, founded in 1978 by John Rimmer is a contemporary music ensemble at the University of Auckland School of Music. The ensemble is directed by Dr Eve de Castro-Robinson.


Eve de Castro-Robinson (NZ 1956–) Whiplash for flute duo (2017) Uwe Grodd, Grace Liu, flutes

Fritz Hauser (Switz 1953–) Schraffur for gong and percussionists (2009) Ron Samsom and students, percussion

Annea Lockwood (NZ/US 1939–) I give you back (1993) Clare Hood, soprano

Annea Lockwood Gone! for toy piano and balloons (2007) Clare Hood, performer

Kevin Field (NZ) People Factory for jazz quartet (2017) Roger Manins, saxophone; Olivier Holland double bass, Kevin Field piano; Ron Samsom, drums

John Elmsly (NZ 1952–) Here (2017) - world premiere Elizabeth Holowell, violin

John Coulter (NZ 1968–) Mouth Piece for video and 4 speakers (2009) John Coulter, diffusion

Stephen Montague (US/UK 1943–) Tigida Pipa for SATB voices, percussion and electronic tape (1983) Morag Atchison, Catrin Johnsson, Lachlan Craig, Gregory Camp, voices Rebecca Celebuski, Josiah Carr, Ting-ting Foster, percussion John Coulter and technical team, diffusion

Free admission. Registrations not required.

Start time

September 3, 2017 5:00PM


Music Theatre
6 Symonds St, Auckland City