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Blue Work


for orchestra

Year:  2012 Instrumentation:  2221; 1210; 2 perc. (bass drum, triangle, marimba); grand piano; strings<br><br>n.b. Oboe 2 and Bassoon require a Vibraslap and Tambourine respectively. The piano requires 5-10mm metallic chain/s draped over the strings, from middle C to 2 octaves above.

Year:  2012
Instrumentation  2221; 1210; 2 perc. (bass d...

Composer:   Natalie Hunt

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Sample: pages 3-10

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Cirrus was written to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Wellington Youth Sinfonietta.

While writing, I was learning to sail and learning to better understand the weather. Often the blue sky would be streaked with cirrus; high cloud made of tiny ice particles, dancing to a secret wind. Before long, troops of cumulus would march beneath the cirrus, followed by towers of cumulonimbus and umbrellas.

In writing this piece, I have sought to express the fragility, beauty, and inexorable movement of the clouds, particularly Cirrus.

Difficulty note

Requires advanced 1st trumpet player

Performance history

11 Nov 2012: Performed by Wellington Youth Sinfonietta, conducted by Michael Vinten, at St Andrews on the Terrace, in Wellington.