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Blue Work

Eratosthenes' Sieve

for mixed chamber septet

Year:  2015 Instrumentation:  Flute, viola, cello, harp, accordion, vibraphone, percussion.

Year:  2015
Instrumentation  Flute, viola, cello, harp, ...

Composer:   Jeroen Speak

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Michael Norris: Stroma | RN...

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Philip Brownlee reviews Str...

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Eratosthenes' Sieve gets its title from the Greek philosopher Eratosthenes, who devised a 'seive' by which he could judge a number to be a prime number. I attempt to reflect this way of working in my formal approach to this work, by continuously evaluating and responding to new material inside existing material, a continuous 'sieving' of material. This creates a structure which continuously re-evaluates itself, and disperses both with, and against, the flow of 'musical' time, and in which the musical 'DNA' is reflected at both the micro and macro level, like a self replicating feedback loop, or fugue, it avoids the teleological yet remains goal orientated.

Performance history

30 Aug 2015: Stroma | Interiors