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Ross James Carey

Born: 1969


Ross James Carey is a composer and pianist. Born in Lower Hutt in 1969, he studied at Victoria University of Wellington with Jack Body, David Farquhar and Ross Harris, also completing a year’s piano study with Judith Clark, and graduating with a B.Mus.(Hons) in 1992. Ross gained a Masters Degree in composition from Elisabeth University of Music in Hiroshima in 1994, where he studied on a Japanese Government Scholarship under Jo Kondo. Ross was a Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Music, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) in Shah Alam, Malaysia from 2010 to 2015, and is currently teaching at Lim Kok Wing University of Creative Technology, Cyberjaya, Malaysia.

Ross’ works have been performed throughout New Zealand as well as overseas in concerts and festivals such as six Asian Composers’ League Festivals (since 1990), the first Singapore Asian Composers’ Festival (2015), The Portable Concerto Project, Kobe (2012), Ensemble TIMF 10th Anniversary Series, Seoul (2011), the Yogyakarta Contemporary Music Festival (2007 and 2010), 2 Days and 2 Nights of Contemporary Music, Odessa (2006), KammerMusikZyklus, Tokyo (2000), the Yatsugatake Kogen Music Festival, Nagano (1999), BEAT! Festival of Gamelan, Wellington (1999), the 03(09) Festival of Contemporary Music, Auckland (2003), Ensemble Philharmonia concerts, Auckland (1994 and 2006), the Otago Festival of the Arts, Dunedin (2000 and 2012), Green Concerts, Kyoto (1995), CANZ 20th anniversary (1994) etc.

As a composer Ross has collaborated with many artistes such as guitarist Kazuhito Yamashita, harpist Helen Webby, pianists Yuji Takahashi, Natsuki Emura, Ananda Sukarlan, Gao Ping and Dan Poynton, violinists Mark Menzies, Kirtley Leigh and Rieko Suzuki, flutist and taonga puoro performer Alexa Still, mezzo-soprano Ana Goode, dancer and choreographer Newton Moraes and Wellington’s Gamelan Padhang Moncar. Ross has set to music the poems of Janet Frame, Fleur Adcock and Ruth Dallas, and collaborated with Australian writer Merrill Findlay and soprano Sian Prior on the Kate Kelly Song Cycle, first performed at the inaugural Kilari-Lachlan River Arts Festival in Forbes, NSW in 2011. Other performers of Ross’ works include the Australian and Aroha String Quartets, the Black Cedar Trio (San Francisco), the Continuum Ensemble (Toronto), the Kuala Lumpur Childrens’ Choir and the Preston Symphony Orchestra (Melbourne). Ross’ community engagement has seen him collaborate with the Greenhill Orchestra of Nelson and Golden Bay with a concerto written for violinist Kirtley Leigh, and a work for clarinet and orchestra for the Waitakere City Orchestra and clarinettist Donald Nicholls under conductor Brigid Ursula Bisley. Pieces for students have included writing for students from Kapiti College in 2006 and a competition piece for students of the Wellington Registered Music Teachers in 1991. Ross received the 2005 SOUNZ Community Commission to write for students from the New Zealand Institute for the Blind in Manurewa, and was a featured composer in the Aroha String Quartet-RNZ Concert- SOUNZ Recordings project in 2015. A collaborative album of compositions with composer Katia Tiutiunnik, Creative Journeys – when Composers Collaborate was published by UiTM Press in 2013. His piano pieces for learners have been included in the Sunrise and Take Flight albums in New Zealand while other works are available on a variety of commercial publications and recordings.

As a performer Ross performs as a soloist and collaborative pianist in contemporary music from New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region as well as standard repertoire. His recitals have included performances at the Universities of Canterbury (Christchurch) and Victoria (Wellington), the Paradise Concert Series (Cairns), in a live-to-air broadcast on 3MBSFM (Melbourne), at the National University of Singapore and the University of Hong Kong, Theatre Utan Kayu (Jakarta), the Indonesia-America Institute (Medan), the Yogyakarta Contemporary Music Festival, in four editions of the UiTM Composers’ Series, Kuala Lumpur (2011-14) (as both pianist and curator), the Portable Concerto Project (Kobe), the International Alliance of Women in Music Congress (Beijing) and the ‘East meets West’ conference held at the Hong Kong Baptist University. His performance presentation on ‘The influence of gamelan in contemporary repertoire for piano two, four and six hands’ was included in the 2014 IMPAC conference at Sultan Idris Education University (UPSI), Tanjong Malim, Malaysia. Other performances have included as a collaborative artist with violinist Mayya Musaeva in a program of 20th century works for violin and piano by Soviet-era composers, ‘Behind the Crimson Curtain’ presented in Kuala Lumpur and Tanjong Malim, as harpsichord soloist in Gorecki’s Concerto for Harpsichord and Strings with the UiTM Symphony Orchestra, as gambang performer in Krisna Setiawan’s AgMaTa II for instrumental ensemble with the Bridges Ensemble (Melbourne) in Petaling Jaya, organist in Mozart’s Requiem, Handel’s Messiah and Lauridsen’s Lux Aeterna in performances in Tauranga and Petaling Jaya, and keyboardist in Septimus confronts equality by Ron Nagorcka. Ross appears as a pianist alongside Dan Poynton and David Farquhar on the fourth volume of Dan Poynton’s recordings of the complete piano works by Douglas Lilburn, released by Morrison Trust Records.

Composed (172)

...infinite songs...

for 37-key toy piano, 15m

...infinite songs...

for 32-key toy piano, 15m

A Little Suite for Yuji and Rieko

for violin and piano, 12m

a pirouette

for piano, 9m 12s

A Sea Shanty

for cello and piano

A wish

for guitar, 10m

A Won for Buddha

for piano - four hands, 18m

After the Rain

for flute, alto saxophone and piano

Air and Gigue

for solo viola, 6m 40s


for piano trio, 10m

Baltic Song

for piano, 4m


for piano


for ensemble, 4m 45s


for sextet, 4m 45s

Black and White Tag

for piano, 30s

c.c. that!

for piano, 20s

Canon for Three

for oboe, violin and viola, 3m

Chimes for Regensburg

for piano (four hands), 5m 45s

Come Together

for SATB choir, viola and piano, 6m

Day's End

for piano, 50s

Dirge - Canons

for small orchestra, 10m

Distant Shore

for piano, 10m


for saxophone quartet


for flute and piccolo, 7m

Duetto in B flat minor

for two bass clarinets, 2m

Earth Song

for violin and piano, 4m 20s


for string quartet, 3m

Elegy (for a known)

for chamber sextet, 5m

Falling Petals

for piano, 25s


for solo trumpet in B flat, 1m


for two trumpets in B flat

February Pieces

for piano, 8m

Five Pastorales

for oboe and marimba (or piano), 5m

Five Pieces for Harpsichord

for harpsichord, 8m 20s

Five Solos

for cello or other instrument(s)

Five Songs

for voice and cello, 5m

Five Songs

for mezzo-soprano and piano, 5m

Four New Year's Preludes

for clarinet and harp, 11m

Four Pieces

for violin and piano, 6m

Ghosts of Glenrowan

for solo soprano, unison voices, clarinet, violin, cello and accordion

Great Wall

for vocalising pianist, 15m

Hine e Hine

arranged for flute quartet, 2m 35s

Hine e Hine

arranged for string quartet, 2m 35s


for string quartet, 8m 30s

I Heard the Banshee Cry

for solo soprano, unison voices, clarinet, violin, cello and accordion

In May

for violin and piano

Inner Landscape

for piano, 8m

Jasmine Flower

arranged for erhu (or violin) and piano, 2m

Jasmine Flower

arranged for string quartet, 2m 10s

Jasmine Flower

arranged for violin, viola and piano, 2m

Jasmine Flower

arranged for flute quartet, 5m

Jasmine Flower

arranged for flute quartet and piano, 5m

Jumping in July

for piano, 35s


chamber opera in two acts, 1h 15m

L'Oiseau Bleu

for SATB choir

Lachlan Moods

for guitar, 6m

Le Jardin

for baritone and piano, 2m 40s


for piano, 20s

Little Suite

for guitar, 3m 50s


for piano, 20s

Lyric Suite

for violin and piano (with optional bell and gongs), 22m

Medicine Bundle (No. 1) Flower Echoes of Springs, Sun and Mountainside

for degung gamelan or unspecified instrumentation

Medicine Bundle (No. 1) Flower Echoes of Springs, Sun and Mountainside

for solo piano or unspecified instrumentalists/vocalists

Medicine Bundle (No. 2)

for any number of performers, and allowing for varying page orientation

Medicine Bundle (No. 4)

for any number of pianists playing in unison, 5m


for trumpet (or cornet) and piano


for piano, 8m

Meditation on B.A.C.H.

for solo piano, 4m


for organ, 8m


for soprano saxophone and piano, 3m


for bass clarinet in B flat and organ

Music to Boil an Egg By

for bass clarinet, piano and triangle, 3m

Music to Boil an Egg By

for bassoon, piano and triangle, 3m

New Year’s Suite

for clavichord, 6m

Nga Hau o Kaiaua (The Winds of Kaiaua)

for flute and taonga puoro (one player)

Nine Poems from "Meeting the Comet"

for countertenor and guitar, 13m

Nine Poems from "Meeting the Comet"

for countertenor or mezzo-soprano and piano, 15m

Nine Poems from "Meeting the Comet"

for countertenor or mezzo-soprano, cello and piano, 15m

Nine Poems from "The Book of Questions"

for soprano, viola, piano and percussion


for piano

Odd Dodos Do Add

for piano, 30s


for piano

One day in spring

for piano, 5m 10s

Pastiche Sonata

for piano, 22m


for clarinet and chamber orchestra, 18m

Petite Suite

for double reed trio, 4m 45s

Piano Piece (Memorial)

for piano, 4m


for piano

Poor Irish and Wiradjuri

for solo soprano, unison voices, clarinet, violin, cello and accordion

Prelude and Dance

for violin, 5m


for piano solo and gamelan, 20m

Prologue: Bricky's Sorry Song

for solo soprano, clarinet, violin, cello and accordion

Quong Lee's Aria (Harvest Moon in Spring)

for solo soprano, unison voices, clarinet, violin, cello and accordion


for clarinet and piano

Recollections (Volume 1)

for piano, 10m

Recollections (Volume 2)

for piano, 20m


for harpsichord solo, 8m


for vocal sextet


for piano (four hands), 11m


for string quartet, 3m

Reverie and Blues

for clarinet in A, 5m

Sad Song

for piano, 30s


for alto flute and three violas, 9m

Second Melody

for bass clarinet and organ, 8m

Sentimental Waltz

for clarinet and piano, 3m

September Song

for harp, 3m 15s

September Song

for piano

September Song

for violin and piano, 3m

Serene Song

for clavichord (or piano) solo

Seven Bagatelles

for oboe, piano and marimba, 11m

Seven Little Pieces

for a melody instrument, 5m

Sighing in September

for piano, 20s

Simple Song

for piano, 30s

Six Russian Folksong Arrangements

arranged for violin, viola and piano, 9m

Snake in the Grass

for piano, 30s


for bassoon, 9m


for viola and piano, 18m


for two violins, 11m


for viola and three hand-held percussion, 9m 15s

Sonatine (ensemble version)

for two violas, two marimbas and three hand-held percussion

Souvenir de Java

for flute and harp, 1m 40s

Summer Rose

for piano solo, 3m 50s


for viola and piano, 4m

tak berjudal

for piano two hands (four hands required for last movement only), 5m

Te Whanganui-a-Tara

for alto flute/flute, guitar and cello, 13m

The Big Swim

for flute, clarinet and piano, 9m

The Big Swim

for flute, viola and piano

The Giant Awakes!

for piano, 20s

The Kate Kelly Song Cycle

for solo soprano, unison voices, clarinet, violin, cello and accordion, 55m

The Kate Kelly Song Cycle

for baritone, tenor and soprano soloists, unison voices, clarinet in B flat, violin, cello and accordion, 55m

The Place

for piano, violin and mezzo-soprano, 4m

Thoughts on Homecoming

for piano, 3m

Three Concert Etudes

for piano solo, 10m 30s

Three Ink-wash Landscapes

for 25-note toy piano, 8m 45s

Three Little Pieces for Toy Piano

for toy piano (two octave range)

Three Pieces

for clarinet and piano, 8m

Three Pieces for Piano Four Hands

for piano - 4 hands, 10m

Three Poems of Oscar Wilde

for baritone solo, 4m

Three Songs

for alto saxophone, cello and piano, 9m 40s

To Dusan

for violin, 2m

To Moya Henderson

for piano, 3m

Toccatina (Elegy)

for string quartet, 6m 30s


for violin and piano, 15m

Trio élégiaque

for flute, oboe and bassoon, 11m 30s

Trio for guitar, double bass and celesta

for guitar, double bass and celesta, 12m

Trio for oboe, clarinet and bassoon

for oboe, clarinet and bassoon, 9m

Trio on Hymn Tunes

for piccolo, clarinet/bass clarinet, and piano, 10m

Trois valses romantiques

for piano, 10m

Two Burlesques

for bassoon and piano, 3m 15s

Two Etudes

for flute, 2m

Two Pieces

for bass clarinet

Two Pieces for mixed choir

for eight-part vocal ensemble, 7m

Two Pieces for Three Gamelan Players

for two sarons and one demung, 6m

Two Rhythmic Etudes

for two cellos


for violin and small orchestra, 14m

Performances (1)

Gamelan Aotearoa

Experience gamelan at the National Library with Wellington's __Gamelan Padhang Moncar__, introduc...