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Diana Blom



Diana Blom, composer/pianist, was born in New Zealand and moved to Sydney in 1969. She studied music at the University of Canterbury (NZ), University of Sydney (MA composition; PhD minimal music) and the University of Michigan (musicology). Composition studies were with Peter Sculthorpe. Diana lived in Hong Kong and Malaysia for 8 years.

Diana has an interest in Australian and New Zealand writers and song settings have been released on the Wirripang CD Songs by Diana Blom. Diana has co-curated composition/performance/CD projects featuring Australian, New Zealand and European composers and performers: Childhood in Music – new music for solo piano; Shadows and Silhouettes – new music for solo piano with a Western-Chinese confluence; Antarctica – new music for piano and/or toy piano – all with Italian pianist/toy pianist Antonietta Loffredo; Playing with Fire, new music for live piano and electroacoustics with Ian Stevenson; Australia East and West, new music for viola and piano with Dawn Bennett; Multiple Keyboards – new music for pianos, toy pianos with Michael Hannan.

Scores and CDs are published by Wirripang Pty. Ltd., Orpheus Music and Wai-te-Ata Press. Music Composition Toolbox (Science Press), a co-authored composition textbook, is published by Science Press. Diana is Associate Professor of Music at Western Sydney University. Published research has focused on higher education music performance, the artist as academic, student popular songwriters, composing and preparing new music for performance.

Composed (40) tones...

for toy piano

Biffo in the Toy Box

for toy piano and manual-wind music box

Calling the Cows

for tenor trombone


for high voice and piano, 1m

Cobweb Farm

for bass voice and piano, 1m 40s

Dance Set

for bass voice and piano, 4m 33s

Fearless Dreams

for clarinet, cello and piano

Five Green Songs

for voice, cello and piano, 17m 15s

Genji (the Shining Prince) and the Koto Player

for piano and violin, 8m 30s

Gong Agong

for piano and CD, 7m 10s

Heavenly Dance No. 1

for descant recorder and organ

Heavenly Dance No. 2

for descant recorder and organ

Into the Sun

for viola and piano, 13m

Lady Huang's Album

for double manual harpsichord

Lute and Flute

for treble recorder and cello, 6m 55s

Modern Tango

for piano, 5m

Modern Tango

for cello and piano, 5m

Remembering Babylon

for tenor and piano

Remembrances Four

for soprano and piano

Smoke and Mirrors

for tenor saxophone and marimba, 7m

Songs for Salome

for mezzo-soprano and piano, 8m 45s

Tango (September)

for piano, 5m 15s

Tango Waltz

for piano, 4m 44s

The Blue Ice Cave

for piano and toy piano

The Ca Tru Singer

for bassoon and piano/percussion, 7m 20s

The Cat's Meow

for piano and CD soundbed

The Dark, The Light

for voice and piano, 11m

The Green Man Dances

for piano duet, 2m 30s

The Library

for tenor and piano

The Muffin Fiend

opera for children, 30m

The Sun Rising

for treble recorder and organ, 5m 5s

The Whale's Song

for cello and piano, 2m

Three Walter de la Mare Songs

for soprano and piano, 5m 14s

Three Water Ballads of Tim Malfroy

for voice and piano, 7m 50s

Triptych (War Letters)

for soprano, mezzo-soprano and bass voices, viola, percussion and piano, 12m

Violin Sonata - Newgrass Bluegrass

for violin and piano, 6m 50s

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Songs by Diana Blom


Performances (1)

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