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Bill Rootes


Born: 1991


Bill Rootes is an Auckland based composer and songwriter, originally from London UK, who was initially known for his work in local progressive rock outfit Blackleaf Gardens as composer/guitar player and more recently known for his extensive solo artist work.

His music has been described as a constantly shifting experience and mashup of musical genres and styles including art rock, contemporary classical, blues, reggae, funk and jazz, just to name a few, and he continues to push the limits of music experimentation just to find out what he can achieve next purely in the name of artistic curiosity.

Rootes has completed his composition studies towards his music degree and is hoping to continue his honors in 2022 as well as recording music for multiple new projects including a 3rd solo record and an EP with his new collaborative project 'Kiwi Chameleon'.

Composed (28)

5 + A Day

for orchestra

5 + A Day

for solo piano, 2m 30s

60 Second F---over

for rock band, 1m

Beware Of The Rhododendrons

for rock band, 7m


for orchestra, 1m 45s


for solo piano, 2m

Cameras In The Carpark

for electric guitar and bass, 2m 15s

Gravity Bloodclot

for rock band, 8m 30s

I Won't Be Bach Anytime Soon...

for solo harpsichord, 1m

Leafy Hollow

for reed trio, 4m

Lettuce Prey

for solo piano, 30s

Melody For Sarah-Hope

for solo piano, 45s


for rock band and piano, 9m 45s

Never Have I Ever

for voice and chamber ensemble, 3m 15s


for solo piano, 4m

Pandoras Jukebox

for chamber orchestra, 3m 45s

Pandoras Serenade Of Hope

for solo cello, 3m 45s

Pennies Before People

for piano trio, 5m


for small chamber ensemble, 5m

She Sells Seashells

for chamber choir, 1m 35s


for solo snare drum

Sofa So Good

for solo violin, 3m

The Glory Of A Man's Laughter

for jazz fusion ensemble, 7m

The Prosperity Of American Sexuality

for string quartet, 2m 45s

The Thrills Of Trypophobia

for piano and cello, 9m