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Linda Dallimore



Hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, Linda Dallimore is an emerging composer and flutist with a reputation for bringing passion, integrity and dynamism to her work.

As an award winning, commissioned composer she has partaken in several European and US Festivals and had works performed in Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Spain, Croatia and the USA. Her interest in musical textures can be seen in her most recent compositions, which have been performed by the Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra and contemporary new music ensembles including the B3:Brouwer Trio in Spain and ALEA III in the USA.

Linda is currently based in Auckland, completing a series of workshops for her latest orchestral work with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra. She will also be attending the Aspen Music Festival in 2017 as a participant composer.

Linda is an alumna of Berklee College of Music, (Boston, USA), where she studied Composition and Performance (Flute) until May 2015. Prior to commencing her Berklee studies, she spent a year living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, composing and learning Spanish. Linda also has degrees in Arts (Psychology) and Commerce (Management) from the University of Auckland.

Linda is an active supporter of and contributor to the arts in the communities she participates in, and views music (as with all art) as a form of social commentary, perspective, and projection of that which cannot be easily expressed in words. Linda strives to create music that tells a story, evokes a mood, provokes thought and contributes to the social fabric of society.

Composed (1)

Aotearoa - Cloud

for orchestra

Performances (1)

The Karlheinz Company: Suffrage 125 Celebration Concert

The University of Auckland School of Music contemporary ensemble The Karlheinz Company celebrates...