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IRMTNZ Conference 2015

Lilburn's legacy: Fostering musical creativity

In mid-January the Wellington Branch of the Institute of Registered Music Teachers New Zealand hosted the IRMT's Conference 2015, named "Lilburn's Legacy: Fostering Musical Creativity" in acknowledgement of this Lilburn 100 year.  Resound's cameras were in attendance and in the coming days we will bring you selected presentations and performances.

We begin with Philip Norman's opening presentation, "Inspirations and Opportunities", in which Philip backgrounds his experiences as a working New Zealand composer.




Following Philip Norman's opening address, Martin Riseley (violin) and Jian Liu (piano) performed Lilburn's Sonata 1950.

Peter Walls discusses this work in his presentation in another video.




  Philip Norman's presentation "Tuition vs Intuition - Douglas Lilburn: His Music" was illustrated with live musical examples performed by Rachel Thomson (piano), Peter and Mary Barber (viola and piano) and Roger Wilson (baritone). The first is the plaintive piano miniature Poco Lento (below).  In the following posts we bring you Resound films of performances of the following works by Douglas Lilburn:

- Poco lento
- 'Prelude 1' from Four Preludes
- 'No.4' of Nine Short Pieces
- 'Blow, Wind of Fruitfulness' from Three Songs for Baritone and Viola
- Salutes 1, 3, 5 and 6 from Salutes to Seven Poets

A highlight of the IRMT Conference 2015 was a Composition Commission project in which five young Wellington composers were invited to write short works for piano for publication in "High Five", which is available for sale from SOUNZ here >>.

The works were each premiered by five young Wellington pianists in a session hosted by Philip Norman with commentary from the composers. You can watch this entire conference session in two parts below.




"Prodigies and Prostitutes: the unexpected world of piano composition in New Zealand before Lilburn" is the synthesis of an astonishing body of research by Wellington composer, performer and teacher Gillian Bibby.

Interspersed with sparkling renditions of works delivered live by pianist Ludwig Treviranus, Gillian describes the lives and musical contributions of forgotten figures such as Charles Phillipe Hippolyte de Thierry (the grandest name in New Zealand composition?), Antonio Vannini, Walter Impett, Charles Sykes, J C Glyde, George Moore and A. E. Wilson, to name just a few.



Emeritus Professor Peter Walls delivered the IRMT Conference 2015's closing address, "A Search for Identity: the legacy of Douglas Lilburn", an examination of the shifting cultural contexts of Lilburn's music, in particular his music for film and of the validity of the notion of "New Zealandness" in the music of New Zealand's composers.


SOUNZ wishes to thank Rosemary Bromley and her organising committee from the Wellington Branch of the IRMT for their help in the production of these films.  SOUNZ also thanks presenters Philip Norman, Gillian Bibby, Peter Walls and all of the featured musicians. 

Resound is funded by NZ On Air.