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Reuben Bradley | Mantis - CD


Reuben Bradley | Mantis - CD

Audio/visual Publication year: 2012

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Sample Audio Mantis & Muscles

Sample: 0'00" - 1'00"

Sample Audio I've got nothing good to say

Sample: 0'00" - 1'00"

Sample Audio Meeting at Union Square

Sample: 0'00" - 1'00"

Sample Audio Oh Lord!

Sample: 0'00" - 1'00"

Sample Audio Laura's Laksa

Sample: 0'00" - 1'00"

Sample Audio 9 out of 10 out of its!

Sample: 0'00" - 1'00"

Sample Audio Mansfield (Street)

Sample: 0'00" - 1'00"

Sample Audio Ladies Man

Sample: 0'00" - 1'00"



Drew Menzies (composer)
Reuben Bradley (producer, project coordinator, composer & arranger)
John Psathas (string composer & arranger)

Reuben Bradley (drums)
Matt Penman (acoustic bass)
James Illingworth (piano)
Roger Manins (saxophone)
Helene Pohl (violin)
Douglas Beilman (violin)
Gillian Ansell (viola)
Rolf Gjelsten (cello)

MANTIS is a celebration of the music and memory of Drew Menzies. These recordings are by no means definitive. They are an example of how open Drew’s compositions are, and a representation of the collective response to his music from the assembled musicians and arrangers.

Reuben Bradley’s vision for this project was so infectious that each collaborator were willing to take time out of their busy (in some cases crushing) schedules to freely support Reuben’s aspirations. The results speak for themselves – warm, lucid, generous performances, captured and presented with great affection and skill. But the primary motivation for their unconditional support for the project was the memory and music of a much loved and dearly missed friend.

“In 2007, Drew and I talked about the huge scope possible in arranging for string quartet and jazz quartet. Searching for a way to bring recognition to Drew and his music, I remembered our discussions and decided that his music would suit such arrangements – a fantastic way to showcase both his jazz & classical sides.”
– Reuben Bradley.

“After Andrew left for America, we found several hand written manuscripts in our rubbish bin at home – these were all recovered and have been included on the recording. We are both pleased and proud to know that people will get to hear Andrew’s music due to the dedication and commitment of his friends.”
– Glenda & Peter Menzies

Track listing:

  1. Meeting at Union Square 06:54
  2. I've Got Nothing Good to Say 08:02
  3. Laura's Laksa 07:01
  4. Ladies Man 07:54
  5. 9 Out of 10 Out of Its 04:31
  6. Mansfield (Street) 07:41
  7. Mantis & Muscles 05:07
  8. Man's Life 07:56
  9. Oh Lord! 09:53


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Rattle Records