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The FSH Trio | Irony - CD


The FSH Trio | Irony - CD

Audio/visual Publication year: 2006

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Sample Audio Ironing

Sample: 0'00" - 1'00"

Sample Audio Canadia

Sample: 0'00" - 1'00"

Sample Audio Madame Butterfly

Sample: 0'00" - 1'00"

Sample Audio Number 2

Sample: 0'00" - 1'00"

Sample Audio Bootcamp

Sample: 0'00" - 1'00"

Sample Audio Forget it

Sample: 0'00" - 1'00"

Sample Audio Drea

Sample: 0'00" - 1'00"

Sample Audio Breathe

Sample: 0'00" - 1'00"

Sample Audio Nick's Beat

Sample: 0'00" - 1'00"

Sample Audio Backslider

Sample: 0'00" - 1'00"



The FSH Trio are:
Kevin Field (piano)
Ron Samsom (drums)
Olivier Holland (bass)
and featuring special guest Nathan Haines (saxophone)

The FSH Trio is a collaborative project initiated by Ron Samsom in conjunction with Rattle. Kevin, Ron and Olivier have been the rhythm section of choice for many artists over the last decade, including internationally renowned Nathan Haines. Nathan makes a guest appearance on two tracks.

Irony features compositions from all members of the trio, reflecting their diverse cultural backgrounds and wide ranging influences. Olivier sailed to New Zealand from Germany in 2002, in a boat he built himself! Ron arrived from Canada in 2003, while Kevin is a native New Zealander. Having played together for five years, the trio have developed a unique musical identity, rich with intimacy, energy, lucidity and risk, all captured in this exceptional debut recording.

The subtle use of melody and dense layers of harmonic and rhythmic complexity balance the buoyancy and fluidity of the music. There is keen interplay between the musicians, and an engaging sense of fun is evident as the conversational elements expand through improvisation. There is enormous generosity between the players, and their dexterity and flexibility brings a dynamic-range and breadth of contrast that gives the music great distinction. Recording engineer Steve Garden captured the performances with clarity, warmth and intimacy, and the resulting sound is deeply attractive.

Track listing:

  1. Ironing 05:06
  2. Canadia 05:28
  3. Madam Butterfly 05:59
  4. Forget It 05:42
  5. Backslider 07:12
  6. Drea 08:21
  7. Breath 07:54
  8. Nick's Beat 06:30
  9. Number Two 05:49
  10. Bootcamp 09:04


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Rattle Records