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John Rae and Lucien Johnson | The Troubles - CD


John Rae and Lucien Johnson | The Troubles - CD

Audio/visual Publication year: 2012

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Sample Audio Aspasia

Sample: 0'00" - 1'00"

Sample Audio Yekannywackit

Sample: 0'00" - 1'00"

Sample Audio An Eye for an Eyelash

Sample: 0'00" - 1'00"

Sample Audio Les Oiseaux d'Amour

Sample: 0'00" - 1'00"

Sample Audio It Starts with Silence

Sample: 0'00" - 1'00"

Sample Audio Mystique

Sample: 0'00" - 1'00"

Sample Audio Breadline Blues

Sample: 0'00" - 1'00"

Sample Audio Eastern Promises

Sample: 0'00" - 1'00"



Lucien Johnson (saxophones and flute)
John Rae (drums)
Patrick Bleakley (double bass)
Nick Van Dijk (trombone and trumpet)
Daniel Yeabsley (saxophones and clarinet)
Tristan Carter (violin)
Andrew Filmer (viola)
Charley Davenport (cello)
Anthony Donaldson (percussion)

Over a yearlong residency at Wellington’s Happy Bar, The Troubles developed and honed their quasi-anarchistic brand of meticulously composed music. From the coarse to the sublime, the emotive to the absurd, their music is inventive, passionate, honest, and wholly life affirming. Recorded on one of their exuberant evenings at Happy Bar in Wellington, their debut album is a moment of magic, a never to be repeated snapshot of one of New Zealand’s most original and engaging ensembles.

The band started as a trio comprised of Lucien, John and Patrick, growing to a quintet with the addition of Daniel and Nick. Lucien and John started writing for the group, and a solid original repertoire quickly developed. Tristan, Andrew and Charley, a string section willing to delve into unfamiliar territory, were added to the line-up, and wildcard percussionist Anthony brought along his toolkit to complete the line-up. Through word of mouth alone, Happy quickly became the place to be in Wellington on a Sunday night. After a year performing the material, the group was itching to record, and this self-titled debut is the glorious result.

Track listing:

  1. Eastern Promises 06:14
  2. Les Oiseaux d'Amour 06:37
  3. It Starts With Silence 04:38
  4. Aspasia 06:09
  5. Mystique 03:51
  6. Yekannywackit 03:44
  7. An Eye for an eyelash 05:33
  8. Breadline Blues 07:13


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