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Classical Sparks

Book or booklet paperback

Classical Sparks

History Publication year: 2008



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Classical Sparks is the story of how the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra has survived against the odds for nearly fifty years. It's a story of people, and music, of conductors, administrators and players - of harmony and discord, and the times when sparks really did fly! While adapting to constantly changing conditions, the orchestra has gone on making music, pushing the boundaries of what a regional orchestra can tackle successfully; from Beethoven's Ninth of the seventies to the Rite of Spring in the new century.

Generations of musicians have grown up through the CSO, and through its ever-widening range of concerts over the years, generations of audiences have learned to delight in the sound of a symphony orchestra. Its story has become an integral thread in the colourful tapestry that makes up the city of Christchurch.


Publisher note

Dunmore Publishing Ltd

Author note

Rodgers, Tom and Tipping, Simon