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Space Shuffle and Other Futuristic Rags - Piano Solos by Matthew Davidson


Space Shuffle and Other Futuristic Rags - Piano Solos by Matthew Davidson

Nz recordings other genres Publication year: 1992



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Composer/pianist Matthew Davidson performs a selection of ragtime piano pieces.

It is my arrogant opinion that Ragtime is serious music; if I didn't feel that way, I wouldn't play it. The fact that renderings of the best ragtime pieces can be on a par with the best renderings of a Chopin nocturne or a Brahms ballade is testimony to the genius of the man who elevated the genre to a stature comparable to the works of the great masters; obviously, I speak of Scott Joplin.

Source: Matthew Davidson, CD liner notes.


52m 9s


Content note

  1. Space Shuffle - Robin Frost
  2. Rose Leaf Rag - Scott Joplin
  3. The Baltimore Todolo - Eubie Blake
  4. Cottontail Rag - Joseph Lamb
  5. Windmill Rag - Robin Frost
  6. Troubadour Rag - James Scott
  7. Hot Cinders - Joseph Lamb
  8. Fingers on Holiday - Robin Frost
  9. Arctic Sunset - Joseph Lamb
  10. That Futuristic Rag - Rube Bloom
  11. Poor Jimmy Green - Eubie Blake
  12. Bird-Brain Rag - Joseph Lamb
  13. The Occident Express - Robin Frost
  14. Pegasus - James Scott
  15. Wolverine Blues - Jelly Roll Morton - John C. Spikes - Benjamin F. Spikes
  16. The Alaskan Rag - Joseph Lamb
  17. Zymurgy Rag - The Last Word in Rags - Robin Frost
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