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for trombone and orchestra

Year:  1997   ·  Duration:  20m
Instrumentation:  2222; 2210; strings

Year:  1997
Duration:  20m
Instrumentation  2222; 2210; strings

Composer:   Lyell Cresswell

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Sample: Page 14 - 15, 36 - 37, 75 -76, 102 - 103

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First performed by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra conducted by Joseph Swenson with Christian Lindberg as soloist in St. Andrews 18 February 1998.

'Kaea': a wooden Maori war trumpet, somewhere between four and six feet in length with a diameter of about one inch at the blowing end widening to about eight inches at the bell. It was made of hollow sections of wood lashed together with a flax cord. Wedges of wood were glued to the bell to amplify and direct the sound. Inside the bell end it was fitted with a tongue or vibrating reed. The sound was loud and booming and was used to raise the alarm in times of danger or to terrify the enemy by shouting curses through it.

Commissioned note

Commissioned by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra with subsidy from the Scottish Arts Council and with generous support from General Accident

Contents note

one movement

Performance history

18 Feb 1997: Premiered by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra conducted by Christian Lindberg with soloist Joseph Swensen in St. Andrews, Scotland

Performed by David Bremner (trombone) and the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra with conductor James Judd, recorded at the Wellington Town Hall in Wellington on 16th and 17th in August, 2007

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