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for scordatura violin

Year:  1992   ·  Duration:  2h 5m

Year:  1992
Duration:  2h 5m

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Series of pieces for scordatura violin (scordatura: the tuning of violin strings to non-standard pitches). A variety of effects is achieved by altering the tension of the strings and their harmonic relationship. Each of the 27 different tunings has a distinctive resonance. Inspired by Heinrich Von Biber's Mystery Sonatas (circa 1685).

Contents note

A primitive calm; Charm; Tidal (Reconstruction); Indus; Wake; Wave; Ebb; Straits (Pirate Version); A Sounding (Shark); A Calling; Bare; Returning; Tearoha (Waihi); The Limits of Circulation (Light); Calm (Raft version); Speed of Time; Tide Dances; Motion; On the Surface; Sway; Ocean; Call; Tide (Romance Version); Reef; Buoy; A Sunding (Whale); Splash One; Splash Two; Tide Dance; (Shimmer); Speed of Time (Progress Version); Tearoha (Waikato);Solution; Limits of Circulationl Tide; A Sounding (Sheen); Rip; Primitive Calm (Acceptance Version) Indus (Civilisation); Tide Dance (Rich); Tide Dance (Shell)

Performance history

Performed by Chris Prosser