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March of the Crocodiles

for fifteen players

Year:  2007   ·  Duration:  5m 37s
Instrumentation:  2 alto voices/kazoos, clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor sax, baritone sax, trumpet, cornet, sousaphone, trombone, electric guitar, banjo, piano accordion, double bass, drum kit

Year:  2007
Duration:  5m 37s
Instrumentation  2 alto voices/kazoos, clari...

Composer:   Rosie Langabeer

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The march of the crocodiles refers to the ongoing silliness caused by bureaucratic systems and how we all play our part in them.

We play a little tune, (this might be in the form of a phone call or a letter, a question, a request) the receiver does a little dance, a message gets passed along, someone else plays a tune, the next person does a little dance etc....until eventually a little tune comes back for us to do a little dance to.

I am fascinated by the amount of paperwork, human resources and time that can be involved in even the smallest and simplest of enquiries, not to mention the tedium. This silly game is so dreary it's almost amusing!

The piece is played tutti then the ensemble divides into three groups and uses material from the composition to improvise. Eventually the ensemble becomes a choir.

Dedication note

Dedicated to bureaucracy and red tape

Text note

Text by Rosie Langabeer

Performance history

05 Jul 2007: Performed by Hannah Griffin, Kate Telford, Anton Wutts, Blair Latham, Bridget Kelly, Jeff Henderson, Chris Clinch, Amanda Maclean, Gerard Crewdson, Nick van Dijk, Joe Callwood, Zena Dawson, Rosie Langabeer, Tom Callwood, Patrick Bleakley, Chris O'Connor at Happy, in Wellington

Performed at Ilot Green 2009 as part of the Capital E National Arts Festival in 2009

Performed at Happy in Wellington as part of Omb The Space Festival in 2008

Performed at Newtown Community Centre as part of the Newtown Festival in Wellington in 2008

Performed by Zirkus! at Happy, Wellington in December 2007

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