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Blue Work

In Air

for solo tenor

Year:  2010   ·  Duration:  5m
Instrumentation:  a voiceworks collaboration with Emma Bennett (performance writer) and Adam Crockatt (tenor)

Year:  2010
Duration:  5m
Instrumentation  a voiceworks collaboration ...

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We attempted to find a collaborative model that blurred the boundaries between 'writing,' 'composing' and 'performing'. We worked closely all together, considering compositional concepts as well as Adam's process of interpretation and memorisation, in order to discover a common language.

We focussed on the sounds in the mouth: the relationship between a note and a word; music and language; singing and speech. We tested vowel transferral techniques and the discrepancies in our accents, thinking of vowels as the body of the sound, the body of the word, and consonants as the stoppage of air by the teeth, the tongue and the lips, and then measuring out the extensions and stoppages.

We explored ideas of sound and sense: sounds as shaped things in air and the music as a figural space giving form to dispersed verbal objects. Sometimes these facilitate a kind of amnesia – the listener forgets the beginning of a word (the consonant which bounds and shapes the vowel) and the vowel morphs and is funnelled into a different word-ending, so sung-sound hovers between two kinds of sense.

Spatial positioning of the text became an important facet of the work and we laid the words out spatially on the page and I formulated rules for interpreting this text notation into music.

Text note

Text by Emma Bennett

Performance history

20 May 2010: Performed by Adam Crockatt at Wigmore Hall, in London.

18 Aug 2011: Performed by Adam Crockatt at FLAT OUT COLLECTIVE's Night No.1 UNSUNG, at Chisenhale Dance Space, in London.

16 Nov 2012: Performed by Adam Crockatt at the (vox) lab's Voice Symposium evening concert, at The Science Museum's Dana Centre, in London.