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The Curse of the Queen's Diamond

for improvising chamber ensemble

Year:  2011

Year:  2011

Dave Lisik

Composer:   Dave Lisik

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Sample: 0'00" - 1'00" Part Three: Echo

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The title of the piece is inspired by the curse of the Koh-i-Noor (mountain of light), once the largest known diamond in the world and currently part of the British Crown Jewels. India and Britain dispute the proper ownership of the diamond and a Hindu text from the 1300s describes a curse that will dethrone or harm male monarchs who wear the gem.

Contents note

Part One: Origin
Part Two: The Nest
Part Three: Echo
Part Four: Early Development
Part Five: In Hiding
Part Six: Call for Help
Part Seven: Mercy
Part Eight: Education
Part Nine: Contribution
Part Ten: Echoes
Part Eleven: Passing On
Part Twelve: Closing

Performance history