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No Ordinary Sun


Year:  2012 Instrumentation:  eight-channel fixed media

Year:  2012
Instrumentation  eight-channel fixed media

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Chris Cree Brown: No Ordina...

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Back in December 1989, I recorded Hone Tuwhare reading his poem No Ordinary Sun in the Victoria University Electroacoustic Music Studio.

It took until 2012 before starting to work on this soundscape, maybe because I often feel that the words of poets are better left by themselves rather than me adding sounds to them.

In this soundscape, however, Hone's recitation of his poem is left at the end of the piece unaccompanied by any sound, so the listener can concentrate on the words and that wonderful gravelly voice he had.

With thanks to: Hone Tuwhare, DOC recordings of Tui and Kokako, Freesound Sageturtle for laughter, Victoria University of Wellington.

Text note

Text by Hone Tuwhare

Performance history

12 Apr 2014: Realised by John Coulter at the Karlheinz Company concert 'Composing Now' at the Music Theatre, University of Auckland.