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third person

a video score

Year:  2014

Year:  2014

Composer:   Celeste Oram

Films, Audio & Samples

Celeste Oram: third person

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The mirror is a displacement machine which appropriates all that passes before it. A pre-programmed automaton, the mirror employs no judgement or morals, indiscriminately displaying all that passes before it. The mirror works around the clock... Like its cousin the surveillance camera, the mirror displays scads of dark data, but unlike the NSA, the mirror has no memory: every image passing across its surface is ephemeral. Great crimes are committed before mirrors; no-one is ever the wiser.

-- Kenneth Goldsmith, 'Displacement is the New Translation'

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The performers' task is to mirror the movement of the figures shown in the film in such a way that sound is produced on their instrument.

Difficulty note

Suitable for new music ensembles and improvisation ensembles.

Performance history

15 Jul 2014: Performed by Naomi Johnson (flute), Jeremy Bass (guitar), Matt Kline (double bass), at Auditorium Citta di Maccagno, in Maccagno, Italy.