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Blue Work


for orchestra

Year:  2016   ·  Duration:  7m
Instrumentation:  3 3 3 3( | 4 3 3 1 | timp+3 | str

Year:  2016
Duration:  7m
Instrumentation  3 3 3 3( | 4 3 3 1 ...

Karlo Margetic

Composer:   Karlo Margetic

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Karlo Margetic: Mainspring ...

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A mainspring is a spiral torsion spring found in clockwork. Energy is stored in the spring when it is wound, providing the mechanism with a source of power. I knew that Nielsen's second symphony would be played in the same concert as the premiere of Mainspring, and I wanted to include some reference to it in my work. The symphony features a striking five-bar passage towards the end of the first movement that has always fascinated me: abrupt, snarling crescendo chords that lead into the recapitulation. This passage comes from nowhere and is gone in a flash, like a speeding train disturbing a calm pastoral scene. It unexpectedly thrusts the music back into the energy of the opening material. I took this basic crescendo idea and used it as the foundation of the ever-present power source that drives my piece.

Commissioned note

Commissioned by the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra

Dedication note

for the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra