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Murmuring Light

for orchestra

Year:  2019   ·  Duration:  6m
Instrumentation:  2(1/p.2) 2( 2 2 | 4 3 3(1.2.btbn) 1 | perc (3) | hp | pno | str [Perc 1: Vibraphone (motor off) + bow | Perc 2: Crotales (two 8ve set: C–C) + bow; Xylophone Bass Drum; Tam-tam + superball mallet | Perc 3: Triangle, Suspended Cymbal, Tam-tam + superball mallet (shared with Player 2); Glockenspiel; Mark Tree]

Year:  2019
Duration:  6m
Instrumentation  2(1/p.2) 2( 2 2 | 4 3 ...

Composer:   Salina Fisher

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Salina Fisher: Murmuring Li...

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In Studio Drift’s interactive light installation Flylight, many delicate glass tubes light up in unpredictable swarm-like patterns. These patterns are based on the flock behavior of birds, and are responsive to the viewer’s movement. While birds can symbolize individual freedom, in a murmuration they find safety in numbers, sensing each other’s direction and moving collectively. In Murmuring Light, I explore this delicate balance between the individual and the group. Through various musical parameters, the distinction between ‘individual’ and ‘group' is heightened and blurred, in a continuous shift of light.

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