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Georgina Zellan-Smith



As a concert pianist I do not specialise, but instead enjoy a wide range of composer/repertoire from Bach onwards, (though occasionally small keyboard works from earlier period) including music by 20th century composers as well as New Zealanders.

I lived half my adult life in London from 1954 but procuring any New Zealand works was not simple during those early years. Naturally I played Lilburn, and gave first performances in London of David Farquhar's Partita (about 1957), and later of his Concertino (Piano & Strings) 1977, and at Wigmore Hall premiered Farquhar's Ode and Douglas Lilburn's Sonatina No. 2, and Four Preludes (the 1960's). I also gave performances in London of Robin Maconie's A:D:C and his Four-Part Invention; of Barry Anderson's Piano Piece 2, and of Jenny McLeod's Piano Piece 1965. Some of these were played on the BBC (Radio 3) during my time in London. In Switzerland I also broadcast a New Zealand Selection, some of which was also heard in the West Indies (the Lilburn Preludes) as well as in Hong Kong and Australia. I had a BBC Radio 3 broadcast during NZ Week in 1990.

Regarding broadcasts in New Zealand, I have been active over a long stretch and broadcast most works mentioned above, but before my first embarkation from New Zealand, two New Zealand composers each wrote a short piece for me - one is Mountain Stream at Dust by Allan McDermott, the other All That's Past by Nigel Eastgate.(1993) I broadcast at least the Eastgate, along with other New Zealand music, in the early 1970's while visiting New Zealand. In the late 1970s, I gave an hour's lecture at the Royal Academy of Music on New Zealand Music at the request of a composition teacher, and this presentation included Ronald Tremain's Inventions for Piano. (There were at least four NZ composers present).

In 2001 I made a CD, NZ Piano Works: ZRCD1001, which features works by David Farquhar and Edwin Carr, including Carr's Pleasant Pieces which were written for me. (I have lived in NZ since 1980, but continue to travel abroad, at times including NZ music in programmes).

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