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Jeremy Mayall

Composer, Performer

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Born: 1983


Jeremy Mayall is a Composer/Producer/Performer originally from Hamilton. Jeremy Mayall is a composer/producer/performer based in Hamilton, NZ. He works in music, sound art, installation and multimedia formats, with a focus on exploring his fascination in the interrelationships between sound, time, space, the senses, and the human experience. 

He is excited by the process of collaboration and recent projects have included work with musicians, dancers, poets, aerial silks performers, theatre practitioners, scientists, perfumers, bakers, authors, sculptors, filmmakers, pyrotechnicians, lighting designers and visual artists. 

He holds a composition doctorate from Waikato Univeristy, and is currently Lecturer in Music and Research Leader at the School of Media Arts, Wintec. He was recipient of the 2014 and 2015 Mozart Fellowship.

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I have recently become fascinated by time and our perception of it. Moments of stillness that can be manipulated and shaped. This is where I find myself.

Composed (14)

...expendable dichotomy...

for orchestra, 5m

colorless green ideas sleep furiously

for full orchestra, 17m 30s


for orchestra

Electric Bass Concerto

for electric bass and orchestra, 17m 40s


a multimedia work

Imaginary Communication

a collection of works for piano and electronics


an electroacoustic work

Late Song

a multimedia work

Loss of Control in Chaotic Moisture

a work for orchestra from the theatre work "Swamp Treasures"

Sketches of an Intergalatic Earworm

for piano trio and boombox

Swamp Treasures

a collaborative theatre work with music by Michael Williams and Jeremy Mayall

Symphony No. 1

for turntables and orchestra, 16m

The Effect of Bundled Sticks on Sound

for amplified bassoon and live electronics

The Long White Cloud

for chamber ensemble and electronics